Become a Native4Rent Affiliate!

Native4Rent prides itself on being a platform for the people, a place for everyone to add their input.

We reward you with 100% of the profit from all designs for products you submit to us that we use, and those you submit directly when you signup as an Affiliate

Make an income from wherever!

Work from home, the beach, or the summit of a 14er. Anywhere you can get service, you can earn a substantial income designing cool clothes!

Uploading is easy!

If you want to submit just one design, it’s just a few clicks. If you want to design dozens or hundreds, signing up is a breeze and you can upload all the products you’d like!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Einstein knew what he was talking about, but never would’ve thought he’d be quoted in an online store promoting t-shirt designs… Hope this isn’t blasphemy.

The N4R Team Premium Support

When you submit a design to Native4Rent or signup as an Affiliate, you automatically receive Premium Support from the fine folks on The N4R Team. They’re nice, don’t worry…

Why should you signup?

When you signup as an Affiliate, you get a “store” in The Native4Rent Shop, and can upload all the designs you can come up with and set them at whatever prices you’d like! You get all the profits because it’s a symbiotic relationship. We help you to earn an extra income for your creativity, and you help us to get the word out to the world!

We love win-wins!

  • Profits You Get to Keep 100%
  • Possibilities for You to Upload 100%
  • Fun 100%
  • “Work” 1%