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“It’s so cool I’m able to get the t-shirt made I’ve always wanted, even though it was a picture of a Lion with the words ‘And then the Lion looked at me and smiled’ on it, absolutely nothing related to the other products in their store! And the people helping me were so nice!”

Lee - 11/29/17

“I’m so proud to be a Colorado Native, for rent! My Colorado Native4Rent tshirt is definitely my favorite, and I love when people ask me about it and I get to tell them all about what I love to do!”

James - 1/14/18

“I had noticed a lot of Colorado themed designs, but since I live in Missouri, I asked them if they’d be willing to make me a t-shirt, and I couldn’t be any happier with what they designed for me!”


“Everybody! Buy my designs! It’s so cool Native4Rent directly deposits a little into my account for the doodles I already do! I love wearing my designs and putting my stickers everywhere and showing the world that I’m a proud Native4Rent!”


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